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During a high school homecoming event a large water pipe broke. Water poured out and no one had any idea where the shut-off was located. It was huge mess from every perspective imaginable. We now use Quick Access and key staff members have site maps, water shut-off valve locations and emergency contact numbers. Our only regret is we didn't have it for this occurrence. Every school district should be using Quick Access. Emergencies happen and school personnel should be prepared.

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Mary Allen Director of Curriculum and Instruction
St. Helena Unified School District - California

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As we've tragically seen far too often in recent years, children, faculty, and staff are now susceptible to deadly violence as well as emergencies caused by severe weather and many other other risks that don't currently dominate the news. As the person responsible for increasing the safety of your students, staff, and property, you're well aware of these dangers.

You're here because your vetting the latest digital campus safety products and you need an effective, convenient, affordable school crisis plan app to ensure a well-planned response should a crisis occur in your school district. You're here to learn whether Quick Access is the answer to this problem. Stated simply, it is.

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Many Campus Safety Products. Just One App.

Active Shooter Response App

Active shooter response plan… It’s the single scariest situation a school administrator must prepare for. The Quick Access mobile app helps protect your people with immediate access to your electronic active shooter plan at all times.

Electronic School Evacuation App

Quick Access lets you better protect your students and staff with instant access to electronic plans including color-coded maps of relocation sites and the safest routes to take during an emergency. Once the school crisis plan is uploaded, your faculty won’t need to recall critical details under duress.

Campus Panic Button App

The first priority for all digital campus safety products is a reliable panic button to call 911 when a school crisis occurs. The Quick Access panic button is just a touch away, so your staff can reach 911 whether they have celluar connection or not.

Custom Alerts App

Custom alerts let you use Quick Access for one-way communication, including emergency broadcasting if needed, with the proper channels. You can pre-program custom alerts (e.g., lockdown or evacuate) to send relevant information and instructions to the right personnel for any situation.

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