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Emergency Readiness and Preparedness Assessments

Edu-Safe LLC partners with Quick Access LLC to provide an onsite review evaluating the level of preparedness of the organization in the event of an emergency and the level of readiness of key staff. Assessments are designed specific to the organizational environment and evaluate best practice strategies, procedures, practices, protocols and training.

Assessments look at a variety of human and environmental factors which include but is not limited to the

  • Facility design for controlling access in both public and private institutions
  • Opportunities for early identification and warning of danger
  • Organizational strategies for testing and evaluating critical practices
  • Communication with employees on expectations, roles, and tasks
  • Establishment of inter-agency agreements, protocols and sharing of information where appropriate

Training & Staff Development Emergency Preparedness

Edu-Safe LLC partners with Quick Access LLC to provide training and staff development programs within the philosophy that all employees are "First Responders". Staff and employee actions or lack thereof can contribute to the number of injuries and fatalities in an emergency event as well as the extent of damage and the loss of organizational assets.

Training is customized specific to the environment where it is being delivered. Topics include:

  • Preparing and Responding to Acts of Lethal Violence
  • Using Tabletop Exercises to Train Management and Key Stakeholders
  • Incorporating All Staff in Taking Ownership in Emergency Preparedness
  • Understanding Threat Assessments – Implementation, Parameters and Limitations

Review and Rewrites of Emergency Response Plans

Edu-Safe LLC partners with Quick Access LLC to provide a review and updating of organizational Emergency Response Plans. Best practice strategies are incorporated as a part of a Plan update and rewrite, recognizing that users of the Plan in an emergency event will be under extremely high levels of stress. Plan rewrites are customized to the organization environment.

Strategies include, but are not limited to

  • Keeping most protocols and procedures short with bulleted information
  • Larger fonts and spacing to assist in reading
  • Pictorial instructions to offer a visual understanding of tasks
  • Dating of the document to show the last time it was reviewed or changed
  • Dedicated “Section Assignment” for each procedure and protocol to facilitate locating the document
  • Plan documents detailing similar topics are grouped within chapters and tabbed for easy identification (i.e. Sheltering & Evacuation, Floor Plans and Emergency Equipment, General Procedures, etc.)

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