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Emergency Panic Button: You Pressed It. Now What?

The Quick Access emergency panic button is crucial, but that's just the start. Features like quick access to an electronic crisis plan, an electronic color-coded evacuation plan map, and crisis contact list empower people to respond effectively in the face of danger.

Crucial Features for a Rapid Response

Quick Access provides industry leading features in a simple and easy to us app.

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Emergency Panic Button

Hitting the emergency panic button is step 1 in any crisis. The panic button located on every screen is one of many Quick Access features that can help protect lives, protect property, and reduce litigation risks. We can pre-program the emergency panic button to call any phone number—such as a security team or your crisis plan manager—or program the panic button to dial local first responders via 911.

Evacuation Plan Map

Uploading an electronic evacuation plan map for each division of your organization, color-coded for their respective relocation routes, ensures your personnel have immediate access to this potentially life-saving information if disaster strikes. Our crisis planning experts can create as many clear evacuation plan maps as needed, or you can create your own.

Crisis Plan

Use your existing crisis plan or create a new plan with our experienced emergency response and crisis planning experts. Once uploaded to Quick Access, your personnel can rest easier knowing that an electronic crisis plan is always within arm's reach to help them minimize the risk to your people and your facility when emergencies arise.

Digital Flip Charts

Once your emergency response and crisis recovery plan is uploaded to Quick Access, your approved personnel will always have immediate access to crucial elements of the plan—available as digital flip charts on the app, whether connected to the Internet or not. Common uses for digital flip charts within the Quick Access Plan view include evacutation maps, other floor plans, response procedeure, policies, and more.

Crisis Contact List

A key feature of any crisis plan is instant access to the right person, group, or service provider for a given emergency. Confronting a crisis is simply not the time to be searching for phone numbers. With Quick Access at their finger tips, your people won't need to search for anything—your crisis management team can upload custom contact lists for any situation.

iOS & Android Ready

Availability on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device makes Quick Access the reliable, affordable crisis plan app for your organization. Each person can download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play store, sign in, and have constant access to the emergency panic button, plans, maps, and other safety features—with or without internet connection.

Additional Emergency Response Plan Features

The Quick Access app strengthens your electronic emergency response plan and simplifies your work with a wall of other safety and convenience features

Comprehensive emergency response plan available in electronic format

  • Always accessible to staff, with or without internet or cellular connection
  • Instant access to relocation sites and emergency evacuation routes
  • Location-based crisis plans (e.g., west building or south building, parking lot, playground, football game, etc.)
  • Individual access and user codes available for ease of removing former employees from app

Custom alerts for every emergency

  • Saved alerts allow pre-programed emergency commands and instructions, e.g., Lockdown plan, Evacuation plan and map, Shelter in Place plan, etc.
  • Pre-programmed alerts for central office / headquarters and key decision makers
  • One-way communication for staff during dangerous situations
  • Emergency broadcasting during unique circumstances (e.g., "Evacuate building and avoid the north parking lot due to fallen power lines.")
  • Pre-programmed distribution lists in drop-down menu to alert specific personnel or all groups

Consult Our Crisis Planning Experts

To see exactly how Quick Access can help protect the people and properties you're responsible for, request a demo or consult one of our knowledgeable crisis planning experts to discuss customization options for your electronic emergency response plan.